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Who knows, you may learn a thing or two about yourself… and in any case, it’s DEFINITELY way more entertaining and fun than reading self help books alone. 

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Connection Parenting by Pam Leo

(Connection Parenting by Pam Leo)
This week we are joined by our guest Maria as we review Connection Parenting by Pam Leo. We talk about the practical application of the lessons learned from the book.

We Need Health After Episode

(Feel better in 5! by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee)
Izzy read the book and Lizzy didn’t, but it didn’t seem to matter! Just breathing, giving compliments, and a 5 minute workout can change your life in a huge way.

Love and Hate and Tony Robbins

(I Am Not Your Guru by Tony Robbins)
TLizzy talks about the aftermath of Hurricane Ian’s destruction and Izzy unleashes destruction on Tony Robbins.

Gaslit by Hurricane Ian

(Gas Lighting in Relationships by Kristen Thrasher)
The first episode back from hurricane in, we discuss the destruction, there’s a little discussion about gaslighting and the book that we read, and a whole lot of laughter!

Call me when you have some trauma

(Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies by Kitty Flanagan)
Listen as we share the not so raving review of this book and most likely burn some bridges of our own with our honesty.

Feel Sexy Again

(Feel Sexy Again by Erica Lemke Pembroke)
The 8-step method to getting in touch with our sexiness.

Find the G-spot of Spirituality

(A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson)
This week we discuss the G-Spot of spirituality, give our take on the mutually assured insanity of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and discuss the light topics of hell, organized religion, and the ultimate power of love as the true overarching “God”.

12 ½ Fucks to Give

(Twelve and a Half by Gary Vaynerchuk)
Join us as we review “Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Emotional Ingredients Necessary for Business Success” by Gary Vaynerchuk. We discuss Dick’s in the dirt, white russians, fucking raisins and enjoying the journey.

Is that a Red Flag in Your Pocket?

(Narcissist’s Handbook by Dana Morningstar)
Armed with the narcissist’s handbook and the virtue of hindsight being 20-20, we discuss our personal experiences with dealing with the manipulators, liars, energy vampires, and downright narcissists in our lives.

Girl with the Ferret Tattoo

(The 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins)
This book took us to some really weird places as we discussed hormone pellets and Izzy’s possible ferret tattoo. Also, how the FUCK you going to write a 7-hour book about 5 seconds? Listen and find out!

Aging Disgracefully

(The New Rules of Aging Well by Danielle Caro and Frank Lipman)
In this episode we go over our wins and fails with the healthy lifestyle, and share some really good tips on how to run screaming away from getting frickin old.

Brothers and Sisters and other BS

(Brother and Sister by Diane Keaton)
Join us this week as we share 1-2 thoughts about Diane Keaton’s memoir, and spend the rest of the time talking about addiction, the differences between clementines and tangerines, and other BS…

Magic Reasons to Stay Alive

(Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig)
Listen as Iza forces her fiance Maciek (aka Magic- that’s how it SHOULD be pronounced) to begrudgingly enjoy a thought-provoking conversation about depression.

Our Chuck Norris

(Against All Odds: My Story by Chuck Norris)
With special guest Katie Walker Texas Ranger, Lizzy’s ride or die, sister from the same mister, who also tried to murder Lizzy with a plate.

The Rock for President

(The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success by Dwayne Johnson)
In this episode we discuss why we want Dwayne to run for president with Brene Brown as his running mate.

Be a Dick!

(The Penis Book by Aaron Spitz, MD)
Lizzy brings her own penis to the show in the form of her husband, Jason. We get the lowdown on all things penis including size, taste, porn and all the rest in our first show with a guest!

Got a Bad Gratitude

(Gratitude by Oliver Sacks)
If you’re not grateful you are an asshole. In this episode we discuss Oliver Sacks reflection on life right before his death… we discuss aging… and flying cars.

Death, Sex and Funny

(Let’s Talk About Hard Things by Anna Sale)
In this episode we cover the big ones: death, sex, money, family and identity. Dad porn, frugal people and brain tumors are also covered. Hilarious.

The 4-Hour Shitshow

(The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss)
Yeah, we’re lazy. In this episode we fail. Utterly. And you know what? GOOD.

The Thruples and the Haters

(How to do the Work by Dr. Nicole LePera)
This week we review How to do the Work by Dr. Nicole LePera. We’ve got so many issues this book is taking us 3 parts to do.

Rich Daddy

(Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki)
In this episode we review Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad and go from financial dipshits to financial gurus right before your eyes.

Very Unhealthy Boundaries

(Healthy Boundaries by Chase Hill)
In this episode we explore our utter inability to JUST SAY NO as well as make fun of the language used to set actual, real-life adult boundaries.

Not Getting Shit Done

(Getting Things Done by David Allen)
A half-assed review of David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done.
Overworked? Overwhelmed? Read this book and feel even worse!
Come join us as we fail our way through GTD.

1+2 ImperFekShun

(The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown)
In episode 009 parts 1+2, ImperFekShun, we imperfectly go over BB’s 10 guideposts for living a wholehearted life and we discuss our own imperfections. It was so good/terrible it took us 2 episodes.

Helen Keller Much?

(The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman)
This book allowed us to see that many of our ways of showing love are completely lost in translation. We also discovered that people do, in fact, love us, they were just speaking Chinese and we had the Spanish translation app. Who knew?

UNfuck YOU!

(UNFU*CK YOURSELF by Gary John Bishop)
In episode 007 UnFuck You! we examine how we repeatedly fuck ourselves with our own damn thinking and how Gary screaming at us in Scottish to stop doing that can help.

Big FriendSHIT

(Big Friendship by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman)
In episode 006, Big FriendSHIT, we review Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman’s Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close. This book was so underwhelming that it inspired us to write our own damn book about friendship.

Go Make Your Own PODCAST

(Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert)
In this episode we review Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. This book brought up some many questions for us… the most important being, “What is David Copperfield up to these days?”

Go Face Yourself

(Face by Justine Bateman)
In this episode we review Justine Bateman’s Face and “Face” the fear of getting older and looking like it. We were pleasantly disappointed by how painful it is to be a woman and survive and get wrinkles.

Not Every Day Can be Crack Day

(Own The Day Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus)
In this episode we review Aubrey Marcus’ Own The Day, Own Your Life. We found that this book has a lot to offer us and if we did it all we agree that we’d be so exhausted.


(Awareness by Anthony de Mello)
In this episode we review Anthony DeMello’s Awareness, the book that got Iza through rehab and got Lizzy out of a mild funk. We talk about how Izzy served a full tea service at her own intervention, because she is super classy.