Embrace your broken

Let’s start celebrating our imperfections together. 

Working on yourself doesn’t have to be so serious or shameful.

Lizzy And Izzy

We know something about you

We know you are exhausted by the pressure of keeping it all together.
We know you are trying your best, trying to be a better person.

We all need help!

So let’s slap some duct tape on this shit and roll down the road together, jalopy-style!

Community of imperfect people

Here at We Need Help, you’ll connect with a like-minded community of imperfect people who embrace the messiness of life and celebrate what makes us perfectly imperfect human beings! Even if we stumble, we’ll all stumble forward together, helping each other stand up.

We can help ya:

I am Lizzy

I am proudly sophisticated hillbilly, a self made dropout entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a writer, a dedicated friend, MILF, trophy wife, sister, loving daughter, and survivor of life, so far.

And I am Izzy

I’m a college drop-out that made it anyway, ex-waitress, ex-CEO, teacher, trainer, coach, cancer survivor, happily recovered addict, traveler, explorer, activator and optimist. I am a life and leadership coach and podcaster.

What makes us qualified to help anyone?


Self-professed self-help junkies, we are living proof that you can turn trash into treasure and be successful, happy and helpful despite the odds. Hell, because of the odds!


We have walked the talk. Both of us are certified coaches and mentors and love helping others walk the talk too.


Our approach to work and life can be summed up by writer Elizabeth Gilbert in this quote… “The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” 

The hunt to help others discover those strange jewels and not be afraid to show them off, that’s what we love to do!

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